Holiday eating tips

Holidays are supposed to be a time of enjoying, eating, relaxing etc. Generally we celebrate holidays with the preparation of good food and eating special food and meals. There are two basic types of holidays one is festivals and other one is weekends, when people take a break from normal daily busy life. Unfortunately for some people holidays are the time for over eating and eat crap. There are some holiday eating tips are given below, which is very helpful to protect yourself from gaining weight:


Eat the best which you are offering first- Eat the best which you are offering first to other people, for example: – hot soups are the first course especially its veggie based not creamy based can really help to avoid too much during main course.

Concentrate on your meal while you are eating- It is very important to focus on your meal while you are eating, without concentration you eat unnecessary calories that are not good for your health. As per researcher’s multitasking during eating can be very dangerous for your health. Off Couse chatting during dinner time is natural but tries to finish talk first, than eat.

Don’t go mall with hungry stomach- Try to don’t go mall with hungry stomach, to cut down the food of food court.

Sip smartly- Alcohol only gives you extra calorie and never helps you to achieve your goal. A single shot of vodka, rum, whisky, diet soda, will send you back to 100 calories. Champagne and pink prosecco are great option to drink, they are low calorie.

Cut the fat not the taste- It wouldn’t be a holiday without delicious food like, cookies, brownie, cakes etc. so you need to cut the fat not the taste, and it will only happens when you cook the food use less olive oil or creamy things ,use half the sugar.

Put on your dancing shoes- Dancing is the great way to burn calories at any party or at home also.

Make space for veggies and fruits- Always eat veggies and fruits, it keep you healthy and fit. Don’t eat crap with full of extra fat and extra calories. Eat healthy stay fit.

Weigh yourself everyday- Weigh yourself every day; it will help to keep a track on your calories. And wear your favorite slim fitting pants once in a week. This gives you a motivation to stay fit in your favorite pant.

The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the authors, and readers.

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