Some helpful new mom & Baby care tips:-

For every women baby arrival is a joyful time and on other hand its very challenging for new moms to handle new born , today I will give you some helpful new mom and baby care tips :-

Handle with care – Newborn have very delicate body, new mom needs to handle with them with some extra care. Always hold your baby in right position. Newborn are very sensitive. A bit irresponsibility or negligence can harm your baby strongly.

Self-hygiene – Always keep in your mind that self-hygiene is very important that prevents your baby from different types of infections and allergies. Before taking your baby one should need to wear clean clothes and hand sanitize.
Check diapers within hour – It’s very important to check the diapers of babies within hour. New born have very sensitive skin, dirty diapers may cause of rashes and infection.

Baby feeding on demand – According to researchers’ new born sleep for 16 to 20 hours a day, during that period of sleep they also demand feed, probably within two hours. So be ready to feed your baby on demand.

Wash and sterilize feeding bottles and breast pumps – Proper hygiene is very vital part for a baby’s health. Wash and sterilize feeding bottles with every use is very important that prevents baby from infection. Breast pumps and teats must be clean for baby feeding.

Position for baby burp – Baby burp is very important after every feed to baby. It is also necessary to know the right position for baby burp, hold your baby upright and make sure his chin resting on your shoulder and pat on their back, just like we are accolade baby gently.

Dress your baby rightly – Sometimes new mom buy some fancy dresses for baby which is not in good fabric. New born have very delicate skin, soft and cotton fabric is good for baby. Attractive nylon dresses only harm to your baby and that is also very uncomfortable for baby. Always keep this thing in your mind before buying any dresses to your baby that should be in right fabric.


The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the authors, and readers.

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