How to cure baby’s runny nose naturally

Is your baby suffering from runny nose and cold that makes you upset?


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This is very common nowadays among children that makes them upset and disturb.That also causes irritation in baby. Due to runny nose baby want their mom to stick with them,that also create irritation among mom’s.Due to runny nose your baby’s eyes might be red and watery. It is very good to start home remedies as soon as possible,when you see the early sign of common cold.In this article i m going to describe some home remedies that effectively helps to cure the baby’s runny nose.

baby cold

Breastfeeding your baby – Breastfeeding is very helpful for baby’s development and that makes their immune system strong .Breast milk contain all essential antibodies that helps to fight with other infections and virus in baby’s. it also keep your baby hydrate. Breastfeeding is very important for all the baby’s that makes baby’s internally and externally strong.

– Saffron – saffron/ kesar have so many medicinal advantages for baby’s. If your baby is suffering from runny and stuffy nose then saffron is very helpful for the baby.Take a teaspoon fill with mother-milk and put some saffron in that and mix it well and give directly to your baby. on other hand you can put a saffron tilak on the head of baby, for that you need to take some saffron and and rub on stone pad properly and prepare some paste . Simply put saffron tilak on baby’s forehead when he/she slept at night. This is very easy and very effective home remedy that helps to cure baby’s runny nose.

Coconut and camphor oil massage – Firstly take a bowl and put some coconut oil and camphor oil in bowl and mix it well and give a massage to all over the body of baby. It helps to sleep your baby peacefully and also cures runny ,stuffy nose as well as congestion. In ancient time when there was no medicine, this mixture was the remedy for baby’s cold.

Honey and ginger – The mixture of honey and ginger is very effective for the baby’s runny nose. My grandmother also give this formula and this is really very good.Take some ginger and squeeze its juice and mix it with honey,and give one teaspoon thrice a day to your child and see the difference.

Mixture of Mustard oil and aijwain– Take some mustard oil and aijwain and give heat to a lukewarm temperature,then give massage to your baby twice a day on their chest and baby’s back. This formula is one of the best home-remedy that really works early, and give relief to your baby from runny and stuffy nose.

Steam – Steam is one of the best way that cures baby’s runny nose naturally. Make your bathroom a steam room by closing the door and turning on the tab with hot water. Steam generated that cures congestion as well as runny nose of your baby.

Hope these remedies will help your baby’s from seasonal changes that might be cause of cold,runny nose,congestion,stuffy nose etc.You can use these tips in early stage, when you see common cold in your baby.

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