How to Get Yourself Motivated To Get Fit:-

Fitness is that pleasure in life that keeps a person confident and smart. We start workout daily to get fit. And always keep in mind that fitness is the Mantra for the happy healthy life for any person in this universe. We need to get ourselves motivated to get fit by following ways:-

Get habit of putting your workouts in calendar:-

Every single week I put my workout in my calendar. So that I can manage my work appointments etc. with my workout timing. If I don’t get my workout in, I’m not going to be the best employee, colleague or husband/wife etc.

Setting targets:-

For a fit body, firstly we need to set a target for a better result to get fit. Make a time schedule for workout daily and strictly follow that time schedule. Always keep this thing in your mind that I can do anything in this world and get yourself motivated to stay fit with proper workout and exercises.

Surrounded yourself with motivation-

Always keep your surrounding yourself with motivational quotes on walls, office tables, in the bathroom of your home. This helps you to boost up your energy and keep you motivated to get fit at any cost. Nobody can be motivated all the time, but we consistently cultivate a motivated environment for you( people, quotes) so that I know I can even I don’t necessarily feel like it .

Stop eating crap-

When you eat unhealthy, processed and high sugar foods, it doesn’t make your body feel energized. These foods make you tired, lazy, unhealthy, unmotivated, plus your workout not going to help you to reach your target.

Give yourself micro-challenges-

Always enjoy challenging myself but only with little challenges. So if I’m three minutes away from a five-minute mark I’ll push myself to the five minutes. By then I’m only a short distance from a 0.5 or 1K marker so I’ll push myself to that. Then back to the next five-minute marker and so on.

Always work out with people who cheer you on-
Having people standing behind me, yelling and jumping up and down when I’m stuck at the bottom of a heavy squat is the best motivator. Because it hypes me up, but also because it means everybody else in the gym looks over to see what’s going on, and fear of failing with that big of an audience makes me at least 20% stronger. —Christine Byrne.


The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the authors, and readers.

Ways To Build Up Your Stamina:-

Stamina plays a vital role in our life. It is the ability to sustain prolonged in physical and mental activity. It usually means the energy level and overall health that boost one’s endurance. Todays in our busy schedule, we directly or indirectly ignore our healthy. For a better health stamina is very important, stamina is not only required by athletes or those who involves in physical work. It is the basic requirement for all of us to handle all daily work with full of energy, there are some easy ways to build up your stamina, some of them are given below:-

Eat healthy- We need to eat healthy food for boosting our stamina, avoid junk, street foods for better and healthy life style. Basically our body reflects what we eat, so we need to eat healthy food. Eating healthy is the natural way for boosting your stamina without making any hard efforts, the only thing is to control over your diet and eat healthy food like – fruits, green veggies, dry fruits, toned milk etc.

Workout regularly- Workout is the need for every person for boosting up your stamina and it also gives a better life style. With the help of workout, one can maintain his/her fitness and she/he can be physically strong and adopt good lifestyles. Being involved in physical activities is the key to cure all health issues in life. You should give at least 30 minutes to any physical activity or any sport you like or you enjoy. It helps to boost up your stamina and increases the lung capacity and strengthening of the muscles building of muscles around the heart. You should engage yourself in any activity you like the most and keep yourself physically strong.

Take proper rest- A good night sleep is very important for boosting up your stamina. Proper resting helps us restoring our energy level. In the absence of proper rest one can face so many healthy issues. This helps us focus in physical and mental work in day to day life. Adequate rest and sleep help us to keep ourselves fresh and energized.

Water intake- Water makes up to 65% to 70% of our body weight. This is already proved that proper intake of water helps us in boosting and maintaining our stamina of our body. Water is needed to keep body cells healthy and hydrate our body. Water also gives beauty and manages our weight. In the absence of water body cells start shrinking. In turns muscles go stiff and cause of tiredness. For better muscles relaxation you need to drink much water as you can take throughout the day and night.

Meditation- Meditation is also a way to boost up your stamina. It also helps to decrease the tension level and gives a pleasure in life. With the help of meditation we can boost up our stamina and adopt a healthy life style. It gives relaxation from daily busy schedule and keeps your mind cool. It is the art of keeping yourself stress free and also cures various mental disorders like depression, anxiety etc. so spend not less than 15 minutes in mediation to boost up your stamina.

Waking after eating- After every meal you should walk at least 1000 steps that will help in boosting the stamina. It is the best natural way to boost up your stamina. Instead of lying down or seating you should walk for 15 minutes or more. It also ensures that food get digested properly. And keeping the body free of toxins is an important way of increasing stamina. When harmful toxins are flushed out the body, the muscles stay relaxed. This naturally increases the body stamina.

Stay no to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or any bad habits-
No one can improve their health by having these bad habits. That is why most doctors say no to these bad habits. They not only impair the functioning of lungs, but also damages whole body and reduce endurance. The more you stay away from these bad habits, the better it is for your health.


The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the authors, and readers.

Breastfeeding for baby’s better immune system:-


Breastfeeding is very important for a healthy baby. It also helps in baby growth and prevents from so many illnesses. Breastfeeding provides a better immune system for a baby for whole life. Without mother breastfeeding a baby immune system cannot be healthy, and he /she will suffer from illness for whole life. Human milk provides virtually all the protein, sugar, and fat your baby needs to be healthy, and it also contains many substances that benefit your baby’s immune system, including antibodies, immune factors, enzymes, and white blood cells. These substances protect your baby against a wide variety of diseases and infections not only while he is breastfeeding but in some cases long after he has weaned.

Breast Milk Protects Newborns:-
Mother’s milk actively helps newborns avoid disease in a variety of ways. Such assistance is particularly beneficial during the first few months of life, when an infant often cannot mount an effective immune response against foreign organisms. And although it is not the norm in most industrial cultures, UNICEF and the World Health Organization both advise breast-feeding to “two years and beyond.” Indeed, a child’s immune response does not reach its full strength until age five or so.

Breast Milk Antibodies:-
Breast milk contains antibodies that prevent baby from my diseases. Breast milk is very important for the babies as it help in babies’ growth. It gives a better immune system to baby that make baby physically strong for whole life. As comparing the breastfeed baby with no breastfeed baby, a breastfeed baby is more physically healthy as he has a better immune system as comparison to breastfeed baby.

Other Illnesses:-
Breastfeeding is recommended for many reasons. With regard to allergy prevention, there is some evidence that breastfeeding protects babies born to families with a history of allergies, compared to those babies who are fed either a standard cow’s milk based formula or a soy formula. Transfer of the human milk antibodies and other immunologic substances may also explain why children who breastfeed for more than six months are less likely to develop childhood acute leukemia and lymphoma than those who receive formula. In addition, studies have demonstrated a 36 percent reduction (some studies show this reduction to be as high as 50 percent) in risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) among babies who breastfeed compared to those who did not, though the reasons for this are not fully understood. Recent research even indicates that breastfed infants are less likely to be obese in adolescence and adulthood. They are also less vulnerable to developing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Some added benefits:-
There are so many benefits of mother feed to babies as it help to develop better immune system in babies. According to the several studies breastfeed baby is stronger than a non-breastfeed baby. For example, breast-fed babies produce higher levels of antibodies in response to immunizations.

Disclaimer :-
The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the authors, and readers.

5 tips for boosting your Positive Energy

We are living in modern era that is very fast-forward. Now-a-days, human beings are very busy in their busy schedule. Due to this happiness inside is lost somewhere. With the help of positive energy, we feel good, we do good and we also send good vibes to other people around us. And just like waves those good vibes come back to you.

With the help of positive energy we can work with better energy that gives you pleasure while working as well as satisfaction in life. Without satisfaction in life we cannot stay happily. With inner positive energy we can cope up with this dynamic world that changes time to time. 5 tips for boosting your positive energy are given below:


Believe in karma-Karma, what you put out will come back to you in unexpected ways. Give only what you don’t mind getting back. Believe in karma and forgive people for their past mistakes and keep yourself positive in every situation of life whether it is good or bad.

Be good to yourself- Don’t be afraid to try new things. Even if you fail, you are one step closer to finding what you are truly passionate about. Whatever path you decide to take, put your whole heart into it and work hard to reach your goals. Putting your best effort and staying true to who you are and what you want will put out a genuine energy that will allow you to meet others with the same passion.

Practice Compassion-

You never know what someone else is going through. Looks can be deceiving, so never judge someone else based on the way things appear to be. Whether it’s a rude coworker or a complete stranger in need of some kindness, don’t forget that what you give is what will come back to you. Try to empathize with the struggles of others and spread kindness and compassion wherever you can.


Remember that spreading positivity requires a positive mindset. The world can often seem crazy, chaotic and uncontrollable, but it’s up to you to stay calm. When you let stress overcome you, you are more prone to bad karma, because you are blocking your mind and in your heart from good energy. If you are feeling negative, meditation can be a way to help you relax. Think positive thoughts, reflect on the good things in life and clear your mind of negativity in order to reflect your best self and circulate good karma.

Recognize your power-

Stop thinking that you’re some weak person who has no control over their circumstances. Your energy is the most incredible element about you. Recognize that you’re equipped with the ability to change anything with which you’re unhappy and create a greater reality. Your inner strength automatically picks up as you strive for new beginnings.

The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the authors, and readers.